Posted by: nekojita | January 13, 2008

Offering to Our Lady of Leftovers


Sometimes, you just look in the refrigerator and think, “Gosh, I sure have a lot of stuff in here.” Left unspoken is the fact that you don’t actually want to eat any of it, and may not even remember having made certain items. The shameful crutch of procrastination only causes the air of mystery (or whatever) emanating from the fridge to grow and overshadow the pleasure of mealtime.

But as they say, I must break the cycle. Making new dishes from old ones creates the illusion that you are eating something new.

So this soup is a sort of penitential exercise. It used some left-over roasted beets, the end of a black forest ham, the remaining 3/4 of a carton of chicken broth and various sad-but-still-vital vegetables from the fridge. Voila! A borscht was born.* I tried to use only things that we had on hand (I did break down and buy sour cream and dill–it’s just not borscht otherwise).

Born of a specific and probably not to be repeated confluence of ingredients,  it’s sort of against the spirit of the dish to give a recipe. In any case, the great beauty of soup if that it is very flexible. So I’m just posting a picture and will leave it to inspire others to look in the fridge and rescue their food from murky oblivion.

*Note: I do not know Russian, and so have no idea what “voila” would be in that language, or Ukrainian, or any other borscht-producing culture’s language. If you know, please tell me!


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