Posted by: nekojita | January 27, 2008

Back in Columbus for the Weekend

Sake glass

I couldn’t resist buying these pretty sake glasses. Look at how the pattern catches the winter afternoon light!

I am back in Columbus for the weekend to see B. In spite of the freezing temperature, it’s nice to be back here. I feel like so much has changed in my life (starting a new job, living elsewhere) that it’s surprising that not much has changed here–except the Jeni’s ice cream flavors. I got to try the Goat Cheese with Cognac Fig Sauce today. Mmmm… delicious!

Tonight, B and I will be going to the Columbus Fish Market, one of the most highly regarded of Cameron Mitchell’s ventures. There’s a bit of a story as to why we are going–beyond the oysters, which we have heard are fabulous. Back in October, when my parents came to visit,  we went to the Cap City Diner in Gahanna. From what I had read and heard of the Cap City Diner, we were expecting a fun, casual experience with tasty food. Unfortunately, what we got was the most apathetic serving person ever. She let our food sit on the counter between the kitchen and dining area for 15 minutes while she talked to some other customers (they seemed to be friends?) with her back turned towards the kitchen. So when we got our food, it was in no condition to be fairly judged for its merit, being room-temperature and all.

Anyhow, since there was a comment card included with the bill, I decided that we might as well express our true feelings about the service. So I wrote down our opinion, and even put down our name and address, since I was more than willing to stand by my statement. I didn’t think more about it after that, but a month later, we got a letter from Cameron Mitchell restaurants. It apologized for the service and stated that it was not representative of Cameron Mitchell restaurants. The best part, though, was that it included a $25 gift card to use at any of the Cameron Mitchell places, to prove its case. We’ll see how it goes, but it seems that sometimes it does pay to be the squeaky wheel.

I’ll report back later with the results…


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