Posted by: nekojita | January 28, 2008

Columbus Fish Market and Katzinger’s Deli

I’m putting these restaurants together for two reasons:

1) These are the last two restaurants at which B and I have eaten–i. e. yesterday’s dinner and today’s lunch.

2) They are both perfectly fine restaurants that charge too much for what they deliver.

Yesterday, we went to the Columbus Fish Market, since it was the Cameron Mitchell restaurant about which we had heard the best things. Besides, neither one of us had had oysters in way too long.

Indeed, the oysters were good, and probably the most worthy of raves.  We ordered the large sampler platter, which had two oysters of each variety offered, for a total of 8 oysters ($14.95).  They were served on ice with two sauces (cocktail and mignonette) and a lemon. Perplexingly, there were no spoons for the sauces, so we had to ask for some (were we breaking oyster etiquette here?). Our favorites were the New York (sweet and fat) and west coast (bracingly briny) oysters.

For the entrees, B had the mixed fry, which was fine–nicely executed with crispy batter and moist tender flesh. The accompanying coleslaw was deemed too small and bland to make an adequate side dish. It was ok, but not stunning to a boy from a seaside Pacific town.

I got the Maryland Crab Cake and Garlic Grilled Shrimp, and I’m so sad. They were fine texture-wise, but so lacking in flavor that I resorted to using Tabasco sauce (my least favorite of the hot sauces) to liven things up. Maybe a different, spicier sauce could replace the equally bland tartar sauce that came with it…

We didn’t feel gipped,  because after all, we had the $25 certificate from CM restaurants. Nevertheless, we don’t feel any compulsion whatsoever to go back.

We had a similar reaction to Katzinger’s Deli this afternoon. Not that we had a gift certificate there–I think that it’s always the first of the GC Columbus Original vouchers to sell out. However, we had assumed froma purely logical standpoint that the sandwiches at Katzingers should be out of this world–after all, why else would people pay $12 for a sandwich?

Alas, the reuben was just a reuben. No angels descended from heaven as I savored my first bite. No heartbreaking string music accompanied the last scrap of crust.  Columbus is a competitive town for reubens, and this wasn’t really the best reuben we’ve had here. It was good, but not $12 good. As B said, for that price it should have included sides and a drink.

Still, for those of you who are still interested in hype-heavy joints of Columbus, here’s the info:

Columbus Fish Market

1245 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, OH 43212

(614) 291-3474

Katzinger’s Deli

475 S. Third St.

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 228-3354


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